Camping- 5 Ways to Brew Coffee without Electricity and Stay Caffeinated!

I love camping, and I don’t mean camping in a camper or other RV that is connected to electricity. Let’s face it, if that were the type of camping I did then I would have no problem taking my trusty Moccamaster with me and brewing a good cup of coffee. I’m talking about good, old fashioned, sleep on the dirt in your sleeping bag, maybe in a tent, maybe not camping.  Maybe even Backpacking, at that!  In this edition of our blog, I’m going to show you how you can brew the perfect cup of coffee while camping.

There are many ways you can brew coffee while camping with no electricity. For example, how about bringing the old cowboy coffee pot to the modern-day world? This method of brewing coffee is really simple. Just fill a pot with water, dump in the coffee grounds and then put your pot on the fire to heat up. Now, I am sure you’re wondering how on earth this can be a perfect cup of coffee when you have grounds all through it. The answer is simple. As the coffee is heated the grounds sink to the bottom, allowing you to pour a delicious and invigorating cup of coffee.

The next step up is the percolator. The only real difference between this and the simple pot is that a percolator has a small basket that holds the grounds. This makes clean up much easier and helps you to avoid a dreaded case of burnt coffee. To use a percolator, you simply fill the pot with water, place your grounds into the basket and place it on your campfire. Once the water begins to boil it will rise up a small pipe inside the percolator. As it rises and drips through the coffee basket filled with grounds, it brews a delectable cup of joe. You can find a wide variety of percolators online. (And we’re curious- let us know if you think we should add one to our line up. We’re always looking for new product ideas!)

Next, even though you are camping you can still take your French press with you. Just because you’re “roughing it” doesn’t mean your coffee has to, right? The French press works somewhat the same way as the cowboy method, only you use the press when you’re ready to pour. Simply press the plunger down before pouring. This will keep the coffee grounds at the bottom of the pot so you won’t have grounds in your coffee when pouring. French presses tend to be lightweight and can be packed easily for your camping trip. You can find French press coffee makers online (and stay tuned, because we’re evaluating them right now and will probably bring one in before the holidays!).

For those who prefer the single cup coffee makers, then a light weight, single-cup Pour Over Coffee Maker, like our Stainless Steel Pour Over Dripper is perfect for you. Place your stainless steel brewer over your coffee cup, and then add your coffee grounds. Heat up your water and pour over the grounds for a delicious cup of coffee. A single serve, Pour Over Coffee maker is handy for those who like to hike because it’s very compact and lightweight.

And last, but definitely not least, our Portable French Press lets you brew a single cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re so inclined) quickly and easily- all you need is boiling water and a cup. Well, and some great coffee to begin with of course. J

Even though the key to camping is to go minimalist, you can still enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. After all, anything less would be uncivilized!