Another take on Great Pour Over Coffee...

Coffee- some would say it is the life blood of the American society. Ask a mother who has been up all night with her children and she might tell you that aromatic dripping is the highlight of her day. Waiting by the coffee maker, breathing in the succulent scent that is coffee. Whether you like decaf or full strength, mild or strong, cream, milk or sugar or just plain black the fact is Americans enjoy coffee for a majority of reasons. According to a recent statistic 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis.

There are many ways to enjoy your coffee whether from a slow drip coffee maker, a French press, a single serving coffee maker or a pour over coffee maker. You could have a cup of coffee every day served a different way for weeks I am sure, today though I want to talk to you about how you can make a great cup of coffee with a pour over coffee maker. While some people would say the automatic drip coffee makers are faster and easier it is totally dependent on your specific opinion and desires. While the automatic coffee maker can be nice because you can set it and forget it, the precision that comes with manually brewing your coffee is second to none, not to mention you have less things taking up space on your counter top, this is a great thing for those who suffer from small counter space to begin with.

Manual coffee making methods have grown in popularity in the past few years and this can be attributed to the fact when you use a manual maker you can control virtually every aspect of the brewing process. The second reason is people like space, so the less counter space you have to dedicate to things like a coffee maker that can be big and bulky the better.

So, let’s get started in making your perfect cup of pour over coffee. While everyone’s tastes are different we hope this will help you learn to “pour” the best cup of coffee. Please feel free to change things up to fit your personal likes and dislikes this is only meant as a starting point to help you get to your favorite cup of coffee with the manual pour over coffee maker of your choice.

First: begin with the coffee:

You want a good quality coffee grinder because you want consistency in your grind and extraction. We recommend setting your grind between medium and fine for the best results.

Second: the recipe:

The traditional recipe is about 60 grams of coffee to every 1 liter of water (or about 2 ounces of coffee per quart of water). This obviously will depend upon your tastes and the strength of the coffee. I would also like to personally recommend placing a pinch of salt on the top of the coffee grounds before you are ready to brew. This helps make the coffee smoother in taste.

Third: bring on the water:

Be sure to use thoroughly filtered water that you have heated to be between 190-205 degrees Fahrenheit (or 87 to 96 Celsius). This is where a cooking or baking thermometer would come in handy.

Fourth: the brew:

Now, this has to be the best part, right? Make sure your cone is cleaned and ready to use. Place your filter inside the cone and add your ground coffee, be sure to keep all the grinds inside the filter to ensure you don’t end up with grinds in your coffee cup. One your coffee is placed level the pile of coffee out and make a small divot in the middle of the grounds.

Grab your hot water, which should be heated between 190-205 degrees and aim for the divot in the coffee grounds. Pour enough hot water to wet all the coffee, allow it to sit for about 30 seconds, and then continue to slowly pour the water in. Don’t just pour it in though begin in the center again and slowly move in and out in small concentrated circles until the volume you desire is reached.

Fifth: enjoy the fruit of your labor:

Sit back with your favorite book, magazine or friend and enjoy the splendor that is fresh home brewed coffee.